15 May 2013

Siddha Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis


Allergic Rhinitis is characterized by increased nasal secretion, sneezing, watering of the eyes, itching inside the nose and ears etc. This may be due to dust, pollens, animal hair or shed skin. This allergic reaction may associate with asthma, eczema etc. Sometimes the sneezing will be very much disturbing as one sneezes for 30-50 times at a time.

Reasons  for the disease

According to the modern science this continuous sneezing problem is mostly due to allergy to different kind of materials as described above. It is also related to the immune system of the individual.

Siddha concept

In siddha medicine, the rhinitis is called as Neer Kovai (நீர் கோவை) or Mookku neer paaythal (மூக்குநீர் பாய்தல்) or peenisam (பீனிசம்). All the associated symptoms of Allergic rhinitis were well explained in this context. There are 18 varieties of peenisam explained in some texts and in some other text that are 9 in number. According to siddha, peenisam is caused due to the derangement of vatha and oitha among the three humours. The associated symptoms explained are running nose, continuous sneezing, redness and itching in eyes, itching and pain in the ears, Head ache, slight fever and body pain.


Medication for Allergic Rhinitis.

Some of the internal medicines, which can be prescribed for Allergic Rhinitis are:
  1. Vasantha Kusumakaram Pills
  2. Nellikkai Lehyam
  3. Kasthoori Karuppu
  4. Gowri chinthamani Chendooram
  5. Sivanar Amritham
  6. Muthu Parpam
  7. Pavizha parpam
  8. Sangu Parpam
  9. Thrikadu choornam

External Medication

Smoke Therapy: - The smoke obtained from some herbals like manjal (Curcuma longa) and Sambrani (Boswellia serrate ) are very useful in this condition.
Steam Therapy :- Inhale and subjected to the Steam obtained from the water, in which Notchi (Vitex Negundo) leaves are placed.
Oil application for the Head:
  1. Chukku thylam
  2. Arakku thylam
  3. Nasi Roga Nasa Thylam. 

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