29 May 2013

Ayurveda and Siddha a Discussion

This article is planned for those who want to differentiate between Ayurveda and siddha.

Similarity between Ayurveda and Siddha

1.       Both Ayurveda and siddha are Indian Systems of Medicine.

2.       Both the systems have immense traditional knowledge resources.

3.       Both the systems have centuries of history.

4.       Both the medical systems are taught by Gurukula (student stays in teacher’s place and learn by doing all the works assigned by teacher) tradition.

5.       Both the systems use herbal preparations as medicines.

6.       Five element theory is the basic principle of both the systems.

7.       Both system uses the three humours (vatha, pitha and kapha in ayurveda and vali, azhal and iyam in siddha) to explain cause of the diseases.

8.       Naadi (Pulse reading)is the main diagnostic principle used by both the systems.

9.       Both systems give importance to the changes in lifestyle (charya in ayurveda and ozhukkam in siddha) and food pattern not only while taking medicine but also in preventing diseases.

10.   Both medicines possess no side effects when taken in prescribed dose and with prescribed diet regimen.

Deference between  Ayurveda and Siddha

Ayurveda is the life science put forward by the Aryans
Siddha is the life science practiced by the Dravidiens
Basic text books of Ayurveda are in Sanskrit language.
The language of Siddha was Tamil.
Charaka and Susrutha were great Ayurveda Scholars. 

Agasthyar and 18 siddhers were the great scholars in siddha
107 marma points are explained in ayurveda
108 (96-thoduvarmam and 12-paduvarmam)Varma points explained in Siddha
Uses of Alchemy and Muppu(The universal salt) for preparation of higher medicines are the specialty of Siddha.
Uses of different kind of metals and minerals as medicine is less in Ayurveda
Metals and minerals are widely used as medicines in Siddha.


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