23 May 2013


According to great saint Agasthyar, the qualities of a Good physician are: 

1.            Knowledge of disease.
2.            Know the Cause of disease .
3.            Knowledge of curing the disease
4.            Knowledge of duration of disease .
5.            Knowledge of condition of the patient.
6.            Knowledge of three  temperaments of human body.
7.            Knowledge of changes of climate and nature.
8.            Knowledge of intensity of pain.
9.            Knowledge of recovery /Prognosis.
10.          Knowledge of non-recovery/incurable diseases.
11.          Knowledge of temporary relief.
12.          Knowledge of  preparing medicines.
13.          Knowledge to follow the  ancient rules of medicinal preparations.
14.          Knowledge of blood letting therapy.
15.          Knowledge of surgery.
16.          Knowledge of heat therapy.

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