28 May 2013

No more 'itching' in Future.

Finally the 'ITCHING' is going to be under control. Millions of people are suffering various kinds of itching due to some diseases. Itching is associated with conditions such as Psoriasis, eczema etc

Two Scientists (among them one scientist is an Indian) find out the exact pathway of mechanism of itch. They identified a small molecule, released in the spinal cord, responsible for triggering a process, which is later experienced in the brain as sensation of itch. This molecule can be targeted by medicines to stop the sensation of itching.

Santhosh Mishra and Mark Hoon from The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research in Bethesda, Meryland - which is part of US National Institute of Health (NIH) -  say that a small molecule called natriuretic peptide b streams ahead and selectively plugs into specific nerve cells in the spinal cord, which sends signals to brain regarding the sensation of itch. They found this in nervous system of mice. When this molecule is removed the itching also stopped. The signal don't going through. As the nervous system of mice and human are similar, a comparable bio-circuit for itch is expecting in human.

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