28 May 2013


The importance of water - There is no need to say any words, everyone with commonsense in the world would know about that.
"Neerintri amaiyaathu ulagu" it is a Tamil proverb, which means the world cannot exist without water.
Well water is the commonest form of drinking water available. According to Padarthaguna Chinthamani, a siddha text, the features of well water are:
It cures morbid thirst, sense of heat, hunger, Burning sensation of the body, throbbing pain, body pain, Lumbago, giddiness, dropsy and pitha diseases. So there is truth in the saying 'even plain water is a medicine'. Yes, water itself is a medicine.
Water conservation is very much described in siddha texts. It starts even from the construction of well. In olden days common well was used by a group of people. Anyone spoil the water would banished from the kingdom after giving punishments. No trees or plants are planted near to well to avoid falling of dry leaves to the well. Also there were a belief that water not exposed to sunlight and moonlight are not good for health.
Siddha Way of cleaning water
1. well filtered water is taken in a mud pot and three Clearing Nut (Strychnos Potatorum) are crushed and added with the water.

Water is kept aside for 5 to 6 hours. The water become clear and sweet after this.
2. Wood of Emblica Officinalis is immersed in the water for sometime and used.

Clearing Nut (Strychnos Potatorum)


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