11 May 2013




Importance of Food

How long can a person live without food? It is a question in which we have to think several times before answering. Physically, the duration depends upon numerous factors such as body weight, health condition etc. But in normal life is it possible to starve a full day? So finally, with out food one can not survive.

Food in Siddha

 According to siddha 'Food is Medicine' (Unavae marunth). It was said by the great siddhar 'Thiruvalluvar' in his famous work 'Thirukkural'. Good nourishing food with all the 6 tastes (sweet, sour, salt, bitter astringent and Pungent) included and with more of sweet taste is the definition of perfect food. In this context the sweet taste refers to the carbohydrate food.

Food and Diseases

All the objects in the universe are created with five elements, viz The Earth, The Water, The Fire, The Air, and The space. This is the basic concept of Indian systems of Medicine, especially siddha. This 5 elements constitute the three humours in the human body, namely Vatha, Pitha and Kapha. This humours should be in a perfect ratio for a healthy life.
The six tastes in food items are composed of the five elements.
Sweet taste is composed by the elements Earth and Water
Earth element + Water element - sweet taste
Earth element  + fire Element  - sour taste
Water element  + fire Element  - Salt taste
Air element + Space element  -  Bitter taste
Air element + Fire element   -  Pungent Taste
Earth element  +  Air element   - Astringent Taste
                                                                               - Siddha Maruthuvanga Churukkam-
So when the food is not good or some tastes in more quantity will derange the subtle elements in the body and thereby the humours. Thus resulting the diseases, which are 4448 in number.

Diet Regimen

So food is one of the major factors resulting in diseases. While treatment of the disease, the bad effects caused should be corrected or reversed. Some diet restrictions are unavoidable.
For example: while taking treatment for Hypertension one should avoid or reduce the intake of salt.
Likewise while taking some medicines one has to avoid some other medicines or food items. It is known as contra-indication.  

Siddha Diet Regimen

In siddha system of medicine, each and every medicine described, are with indication, contraindication and diet regimen to follow. It was said that one should follow Kadumpathyam (Strict regimen) while taking medicine with mercury. While taking medicines with Copper, one should avoid Tamarind. Sexual intercourse is even restricted while taking medicines for some particular diseases.


Benefits of Regimen

1. By following food regimen in a diseased condition, the body become light and become more acceptable to the medicine.
2. The person become more aware of the disease in each and every action and in times of taking food. This will prevent the person from falling into old unhealthy food pattern and lifestyle.
3. The curing process become faster.
4. The potency of the medicine taking will be increased and there by the action in the body.
5. While following the strict diet regimen, the will-power of the person increases exponentially and this will fasten the curing process.

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