18 April 2017


SEENTHIL CHURNAM is a very effective siddha medicine, which has its textual reference in famous siddha text Agasthyar Vaidya kaviyam 1500. This medicine contains three ingredients.

The ingradients of this medicine are Tinospora (Seenthil or Amrithu), Eclipta (Karisaalia or Kaiyonni or Bringaraja) and Purified Earth worm (Bhoonagam). Yes, alog with herbal powders the purified and processed earth worm also used in this medicine.

The dosage of this medicine is 1-2 grms twice daily.

This medicine is well prescribed with ghee for Rheumatism, Orchitis, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis, cough and Skin diseases, It can be used in the management of Sinusitis and ulcers in the nasal passages with honey as adjuvant. Along with sugar this medicine will cure Dandruff and alopecia.
This is an effective medicine for various kind of Fevers also.

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