15 April 2017


The textual reference of this siddha medicine is Siddha Vaidya Thirattu. This medicine is in coarse powder form which is used to make decoction. This is widely used in siddha system for the management of fever, especially fever with cold. 

This drug contains 15 ingredients.  The ingredients are as follows:
1. Dry ginger
2. Long Pepper (Thippili)
3. Climbing nettle roots (Siru kanjori)
4. Pellitory root (Akkarakaaram)
5. Barleria root (Semmulli ver)
6. Chebulic Myrobalan (Kadukkai thol)
7. Adathodai root ( Adathoda ver)
8. Indian Borage (Karpoora valli)
9. Costus root (Kottam)
10. Tinospora stem (Seenthil)
11. Beetle killer root ( Siruthekku)
12. Chiratha (Nilavembu)
Cloves (Lavangam)
14. False pareira brava (Paada Kizhangu)
15. nut grass tuber (Koraikkizhangu)

The medicine is well prescribed along with santh chadrodayam pills or gorochanai pills.

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