07 April 2017


Mandoorathi Kudineer is a Herbo - Mineral combination drug in Siddha System of medicine. This drug is in the form of coarse powder.  It is used to make decoction. The main ingredients of this medicine are Dross iron [1], Dry wedelia (wedelia chinensis)(Manjal Karisalai), Phyllanthus herb (Phyllanthus neruri)(Keezhanelli), Asteracantha herb(Asteracantha longifolia)(Neermulli), Cumin sedds(Cuminum cyminum)(Jeerakam)

10 grams of this medicine is added to 800ml water, boiled and reduced to 100ml to get the decoction. 30-60 ml of decoction twice daily is the dose of this medicine.

This medicine is very effective in treating Ascites, swelling in various parts of body, oedema, anaemia, jaundice and also enlargement of liver and spleen. It is useful in urinary infections as it increases the urine output.
 This medicine along with karislai churnam ( a herbal  drug powder in siddha) and Jalamanjari (a herbo - mineral drug in siddha) is very effective in treating liver disorders and jaundice.

This medicine is available with major siddga pharmaceuticals like IMPCOPS ltd, and Santhigiri Ayurveda and siddha vaidyasala.

[1] Dross Iron - Dross Iron consist of slag refuse obtained in melting iron in the kilns or hearths. It contains elemental Iron and various amounts of iron oxides and carbon.

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