10 April 2017


Drakshadi Kudineer or Thiraatchai Kudineer is a herbal coarse powder in siddha. This is used for the making of decoction. For making of decoction 25gm of this powder is boiled with 500ml of water and reduced to 100- 125 ml. Usual dose of this medicine is 30-60 ml of decoction.
The prime ingredients are Draksha (vitis vinifera), Kadukkai (Terminalia chebula), Nellikkai (Phyllanthus emblica), Thannikkai ((Terminalia bellirica) Nilavarai ( Cassia senna), Sarakondrai Puli (Cassia fistula), Sivadai (Operculina terpethum)(Trivrit) and Rose buds.

The decoction is laxative in action. It is useful in biliousness, anaemia etc. Used in the treatment of skin diseases and Pitha diseases. 
This medicine is available with IMPCOPS ltd, nad SKM Siddha and Ayurveda.

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4. Thannikkai ((Terminalia bellirica)
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6. Sarakondrai Puli (Cassia fistula)
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