21 September 2009

Alzheimers Disease

Today (21st September) is the world Alzheimer's Day and this week is observed as Dementia Awareness week.
This progressive, fatal and degenerative disease was named after a German psychiatrist and neuropathologist Alois Alzheimer who first described this  in 1906.This is a disease with memory loss as its main symptom and mostly affecting the old age people. But there is exceptions.It is estimated that there is about 70416 deaths per year  in India by this disease.

number of deaths | 395318 deaths per year
cause of death probability | 1 in 144 ~~ 0.69%
rate of death | 6 deaths per 100000 persons per year
DALY | 10.4 million life years lost per year
(2002 estimates; DALY: Disability-Adjusted Life Years)

                                                                     Computed by Wolfram MathematicaSource information

The course of this disease is particular for each person. The early symptom is the memory loss. But most of the times this memory loss associated with this disease is early considered as a memory loss due to stress or loneliness. The difficulty to memorize the recently learned facts is the typical nature of the memory loss. When the disease is suspected it is diagnosed by   behavioral assessment, cognitive tests and by brain scan.Long term memory loss, even forgot the language, higher levels of irritability, extreme levels of confusion etc are the symptoms in later stages. The bodily functions are reduces gradually and leading to death.

The exact cause for the disease is still a mystery and there is not a an effective medicine to cure this disease  or even delays the progression of the the disease.By realizing these facts it is necessary to care the people with Alzheimer. So the treatment comes to palliative in nature.In the early stages of this disease the person can be well-managed by changing the living environments and life style. This will provide an easy look-after for the person. As this is mostly an old age disease (geriatric), the care givers must be the son or daughter or a spouse. It may be somewhat difficult, but it should be remembered that the same condition may happen to us in the old age.

Researches are going on this regard. This include finding out medicines for suppress the progression of this disease, which can be used in the early stages of the disease.  Even though there is not current cure for this disease, the related symptoms may be treated successfully.

Alzheimer and Siddha

As Alzheimer is a new found Disease, the old traditional medical system has no word 'Alzheimer' in its dictionary. But many symptoms of this disease like mental confusion, memory loss, irritability etc are described well and the treatment of the same are also explained. It is also said that at-most care should be given to these type of  patients. Early diagnosis and management is emphasized in the course of treatment of diseases of these kind. Both internal and external medicines are used in the management of disease.

There is a special method known as Kayakalpa, which means the rejuvenation therapy. By this it is not meant that the reversal of old age, but it is the process to extent the youth. 'Prevention is better than cure', While considering this, kayakalpa will be beneficial in the management of the Alzheimer's Disease.

Let us pray for Alzheimer's patients........


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  1. Good one... Keep up the good work and continue to strive hard to revive the most ancient herbal science in the world - The one and only SIDDHA system of medicine.
    May Siddhars be with you always guiding you in the right direction.
    Siddha Vaidya Narasimha swamy


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