27 September 2009

Righteous living

Siddha System of medicine not only depends on the material facts and scientific proofs but on spiritual and social facts. Siddha is the first system of medicine to emphasize health as a perfect state of physical, psychological, social ans spiritual component of human being. This doctrine was declared by WHO in the famous Alma- ata conference. To Quote Saint Thirumoolar,


"One that cure physical ailment is medicine

One that cures psychological ailment is medicine

One that prevents ailment is medicine

One that bestows immortality is medicine"

It is necessary to keep some daily regimen, good food habits, good personal hygiene and good social conduct for smooth living in this world. All these things, which are to be followed by the human beings, are discussed in their books by the Great saints of Ancient India. These 'code of living' is said in various areas. Some of them are


  • Waking up early in the morning- helps to improve the clarity of thoughts
  • Proper diet according to the digestive fire, age of the individual, seasons prevents illness.
  • Don't control defecation or urination
  • Doesn't indulge in excessive sexual activity.
  • While eating

Use boiled water as drink

convert the curd into buttermilk and melt the ghee and eat. People following these will be free from disease.

  • Bath in hot water while taking oil bath.
  • No sex in the morning.
  • Should not have any interest in women elder than us.
  • It is better to sleep on left lateral position.
  • Avoid vegetables which aggravate piles.
  • Fermented sour curd should be converted to buttermilk and ate.
  • Avoid old food items.
  • Should eat to your appetite.
  • Eat only twice a day; not thrice.
  • Do not sleep in the day; only sleep in the night.
  • Shouldn't drink water in between eating food; even if the thirst is more.
  • After having balanced diet have a small walk.
  • Do not smell scented flowers at midnight.
  • Avoid contact with the dust from goat, donkey, broom etc.
  • Avoid sleep under trees, closely to people and near lamps.
  • Avoid untimely eating, sleep, defecation, micturition and sex
  • Use clean cloths.
  • Remember and respect the God, ancestors, and the Guru (The real teacher).
  • Combing the hair in the evening is not good.
  • Proper exercise or yoga practice essential for good health.

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