25 July 2008

Speciality of Siddha Medicine

Siddha System of medicine is ancient medical system prevailed in the southern parts of India. This system is put forward by Great siddhar, who were ancient scholers in spirituality, medicine and alchemy. The system is grown through thousands of years and is not an overnight invention. Siddha is a first system to emphasis health as the perfect state of physical, psycological, social and spiritual component of human being.Thirumoolar, a great Saint said that

"One that cure Physical ailment is medicine
One that cures psycological ailment is medicine
One that prevent ailment is medicine
One that bestows immortality is medicine"

In Siddha the medicines are prepaired after so many complicated processes and after proper purification. Plants, minerals, animel products and even metals are also used in the pharmacological processes.

Somany special drugs and preparation methods are said in the classical text books of Siddha. Which will cure wide range of diseases from simple fever to cancer.

Kayakalpa is special combination of medicine and life style said in Siddha system. Many plans
are classified as special and orinery kayakalpa plant, which can be used for managing the problems like ageing, gray hair, wrinkles on skin like geriatric complaints. The utility of kayakalpa in the giriatric care as an antioxident therapy amazing.

Varma is the uniquness of Siddha system. Varma points are vitals points of our body were pranic flow is more. This points are used to cure diseases by stimulating such points in priscribed manner.

Alchemy and muppu ( the universal Salt ) etc are other speciality of Siddha system of medicine.

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