17 July 2008


       Like modern system of medicine Siddha system of medicine also uses the metals and minerals (ulokams and thathoos)for medicinal preparations after purification. There are several methods of purification and preparation methods elaborately explained in the text books of well versed Saints, who were known as Siddhars. It is said that the medicines from plant origin should be used first for a disease and the higher medicines with metals and minerals can be used, if there is no relief from the early one.

Advantages of Metals and Minerals in Siddha Medicine
  • Even in small doses it can cure dreaded diseases.
  • It does not possess any unpleasant odour or taste like bitter, astringent etc.
  • It act much faster than plant origin medicines.
  • It is beneficial in chronic diseases.
  • Unlike herbal products, these medicines have a shelf life of hundreds of years and it does not looses its potency on long time storage.
  • It is the uniqueness of Sddha system of medicine.

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