04 July 2008

Cervical spondylosis and Siddha Management

The cervical spodylosis is a unsolved problem in this fast growing 3g world. Medically it is the Ostioarthritis of the intervertibral joints, especially in the neck region. it is also called as cervical osteoarthritis. It mostly occure to the men and women of the age of 40 and above. It has a occurence particular to some job field peoples like software engineers, drivers, weight loaders etc. This fact is explained by science as the contineous wear and tear of the particular joint.
The first and fremost symptoms of this disease are the pain in the hands and stiffness of the neck. The compression over the nerve roots comes out through the intervertibral spaces leads to the formation of condition called as the cervical radiculopathy.


The treatment of cervical spondylosis includes airobic exercises, Massage therapies, Pain reducing agents, Anti inflamatory medicines, life style modification.
There are some self practicing exercises and home remedies for cervical spondylosis.

Exercise and life Style Modification

* Periodically give some rotation and bending exercises to the neck in sitting posture. Avoid doing it in the standing posture, which may result in a fall.
* Avoid continous stairing look to computer or anything, give a break.
* Avoid use of pillows with more hight.
* The working atmosphere should be changed to a easier mode.

Siddha Way

In Siddha system Of Medicine the neck pain is classified under the Vatha type of Diseases as Sahana Vatham. Application of different kinds of Oils, Massage therapy, marma(varma) therapy and internal medicines are specified in this system for the disease.
According to modern researches the chemical know as Boswellin is very beneficial, when applied externally over the affected areas of osteoarthritis. Most Oils for application for thi disease contains Boswellin, which is derived from the plant Boswellia sereta, which is known as Kungiliyam or Kunthirikam in Tamil.
The main Oils used for external application are
Vatha kesari thylam
Vishamushty thylam
Ulunthu thylam
Sivappu Kukkil thylam
Karpoorathy thylam etc
Special type of Massages are needed for the cervical spondylosis. This should be done under a wellversed person in massage therapy. There is massage with and without oils.
Varma therapy in Siddha is also useful in this case. There are retrieval techniques called as Adangal for every Marma(Varma) affections. some points are stimulater and massaged to get benefit. Later some medicines like Marma Kashayam, some special gruels and medicines are administred.
So many internal medicines are specified for several steges of the disease. The medicines are useful in reducing pain and permanent regaining of natural state of the body.
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