27 November 2014


According to siddha system diabetes mellitus comes under neerizhivu noikal. Several effective medicines are available in siddha for this condition.

1.       Abraka chenduram 100-200 mg once or twice daily with honey.
2.       Gowri chinthamani chenduram 100-200 mg twice daily with Tannel’s Cassia Bark.(Ref: Agasthyar Vaidya Kaviyam 1500)
3.       Panchamritha chenduram 25 – 50 mg twice daily with ghee or butter.(Ref: Sarabendra Vaidya Rethnavali)
4.       Thalaka chenduram 50-100 mg twice daily with honey
5.       Velli chenduram 50-100 mg twice with honey.(Ref: Therayar yamaka venba)
1.       Tab.Maha vasanthakusumakaram 1 pill twice daily with tinospora starch (seenthil sarkarai)
2.       Tab.Maha elathi Gulikai 1-2 pills daily with tender coconut water or hiney or milk or lime juice.
1.       Gandhaga parpam 25-50 gm twice daily with ghee or butter.(Ref: Anubhoga Vaidya Navaneetham)

2.       Vanga Parpam

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