23 November 2014


This medicine is prepared out of three drugs
  2.   Purified sulfur - Gandhagam
 3.   Desiccated borax - Poritha vengaram

The textual reference of this medicine is ‘agasthiyar Vaidya kavyam 1500’.
Indication : Rheumatism, chronic fever, bronchitis, rat bite, dyspnea, cough, tuberculosis, piles, bubo, jaundice, inflamations and pain in male and female genital organs. Orchitis, hepatitis, glossitis, scrofula, ulcers, eczematous affections and other skin diseases, stomach ache, diarrhea, fistula, diabetes, head ache in sinusitis.
Dose : 100-200 mg twice a day with honey or thrikadu churnam.

Wiki links

  2.   Purified sulfur - Gandhagam
 3.   Desiccated borax - Poritha vengaram

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