25 November 2014


Annabedi chenduram[1] is a herbo-mineral combination siddha drug. It contains two ingradients, green vitriol and vinegar. The textual reference of this drug is siddha Vaidya thirattu’.
Aneamia, jaundice, dysentery, and fever.
100 to 200 mg twice a day with honey.

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[1] Chenduram is cataory of siddha medicine with reddish colour and powdery form. In siddha system the chenduram variety of madicines need not necessarirly contain sulpher or mercury and there are instances where no heating is required at all in the process. Depending upon the preparation method of chenduram it is classified into several types such as ‘erippu chenduram’ , ‘varuppu chenduram’, araippu chenduram’, kuppi erippu chenduram’, ‘leghupuda chenduram’ etc.

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