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25 November 2007


Gurucharanam saranam


Sinusitis is a major problem in the modern world. This is due to the sedentary life style and food habits. This is characterized by sneezing, running nose and nasal block, throat irritation, watering of eyes, itching, headache and heaviness of head. Though we called it as a common allergy problem but it is due to poor immune response. Inflammation of the sinuses and further congestion is the basic problem. Even though the disease is cured once it has a recurrent nature.

In Siddha system of medicine this disease is called as ‘Mookkadaippu’ or ‘Peenisam’, commonly it is classified into 9 on the basis of the presenting signs and symptoms. Several effective medicines are said in literatures of Siddha. According to Siddha this disease is caused by derangement of ‘Pitha’ and Kapha humors of the body.


Milagu kudineer (Pepper decoction): 5gm of Pepper powder is mixed with 200ml of water and boiled. Reduced to 50ml and used as two divided doses in morning and evening.

Inji Kudineer (ginger decoction): juice of 10gm of ginger is taken and heated slightly. The juice is used after cooling in a dose of 10-12 ml per day.

Steam Inhalation therapy:

1. A decoction of leaves of Hosreshoe vitex is prepared and taken in a pan. A clean brick piece is heated and placed in the decoction. The steam thus obtained is used for inhalation.

2. Rock salt, turmeric and pepper are powdered, mixed with water and make as a decoction. The steam from the decoction is used for inhalation.

Smoke Inhalation therapy:

Long pepper, Pepper, Turmeric, and Ajowan are taken in equal quantity and ground with neem oil. The paste is applied over a cloth and burned. The smoke is inhaled.


Non vegetarian food is to be avoided. Pickles, brinjal, ladies finger, sweet pumkin, yam, bitter guard, cauliflower and potato should be avoided.

Fruits like green banana, papaya, pine apple, water melon, sapota, seedless grape and mango to be avoided.

Avoid coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa and cola drinks and all junk foods.


Frequency of intercourse should be reduced; also it should be done in day time. As per Siddha system frequent intercourse and that done in day time are not good for health. It will reduce the stamina and immunity of the body.

Purgative therapy should be done once in three months. As the patient is with allergic problem should not have constipation and should possess better bowel habits. For that plane castor oil is enough. Otherwise use other purgative medicines as prescribed by a physician.


1. Neerkovai tablet made a paste with beetle leaf juice and applied over the forehead.

2. Vasantha kusumakaram tablet 2-3 tab taken with basil juice and honey, twice daily.

3. Kasthoori karuppu 1-2mg/kg/day

4. Amukkura choornam 20-40mg/kg/day with hot water.

5. Thaleesadi choornam 20-40mg/kg/day with hot water or honey.

6. Muthu parpam 1-2mg/kg/day

7. Manikka parpam 1-2mg/kg/day

These drugs are available in all cities of India from the outlets of Santhigiri Ayurveda and Siddha Vaidyasala, S. K. M pharmaceuticals, Impcops and many other Siddha medicine manufactures. Theses drugs should be used with the prescription of a medical practitioner.

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