25 September 2014


Sivanar amritham is a Herbomineral Formulation explained in Siddha vaidya thirattu containing nine ingradients.  It is a 'Karuppu' variety of siddha medicine. 'Karuppu' the name derived from the black colour of the medicine.  The ingradients of this very special medicine are
1. Male fern rhizome
4. Purified sulpher (Gandhagam)
5. Dry ginger (Chukku)
6. Black pepper (Milaku)
7. Long pepper (Thippili)
9. Dehydrated Borax (Porith Vengaram)

The final product obtained by grinding for 7 days will be greenish black in colour and is in the form of very fine powder.

In 2006 Sudesh Gaidhani[1], M. Anantharaman[2]T.Thenammal2, E. Krishnakumari2 and G. Veluchamy[3] were proved the Pharmacological activities of this medicine such as  anti Inflammatory, analgesic and anti arthritic activity by their research. The data of which is published in 'Journal of Research in Ayurveda and siddha' Published by CENTRAL COUNCIL FOR RESEARCH IN AYURVEDA AND SIDDHA

According to Siddha vaidya thirattu this medicine is indicated in Rhumatic complaints, Respiratory diseases, Bronchial asthma, leprosy, Cholic, Delirium, Piles, Ascites and Tuberculosis.

This medicine can also be used as a snuff in cases of insect stings. 

Dose : 100-200mg with honey or ginger juice twice daily.
Special diet restrictions like avoiding alt and tamarind should be followed while taking the medicine.

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[1] Research Officer (Pharmacology)
[2] Lab. Technician (Pharmacology)
[3] Director, Central Research Institute (Siddha), Arumbakkam, Chennai-600 106

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