06 September 2014


Jalamanjari is a Chendooram type of siddha internal medicine explained in Siddha text 'Yugi Karisal'. Its ingredients are
1. Purified conch shell (Sangu)
2. Purified Sulphur (Gandhagam)
3. Purified Sahasrabhedi
4. Purified Lode stone (Kaantham)
5. Common alum, Dehydrated (Poritha padikaram)
6. Borax - dehydrrated  (Poritha Vengaram)
7. Purified Gypsum (Karpoora silasath)
8. Purified Asbestos (Kalnaar)
9. Purified Iron Filling (Aya podi)
10. Salt petre (Vediuppu)

This medicines have a wide range of indications such as Obesity, Oedema, Anemia, chlorosis, swellings. For obesity, this medicine can be given with thriphala churnam and honey. The dosage of this medicine is 200 - 400 mg twice a day. The suitable adjuvants for this medicine are lime juice, hot water, tender coconut water , decoction of eclipta leaves, decoction of phyllanthus herb.

Wiki Links
1. Purified conch shell (Sangu)
2. Purified Sulphur (Gandhagam)
3. Salt petre (Vediuppu)
4. Purified Lode stone (Kaantham)
5. Common alum, Dehydrated (Poritha padikaram)
6. Borax - dehydrrated  (Poritha Vengaram)
7. Purified Gypsum (Karpoora silasath)
8. Purified Asbestos (Kalnaar)
9. Purified Iron Filling (Aya podi)

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