09 June 2013

Patent for Nilavembu Kudineer soon

Patent for Nilavembu Kudineer soon

King Institute of Preventive Medicine and Research is unique in its activities functioning under Director of Medical Education and Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu. The Institute has been established keeping in mind protection of mankind from scourging infections. It was one of the major institutions in India responsible for eradicating small pox by the production of quality vaccine. The King institute has gradually grown with all round scientific and technological advancements. To this date it is one of the referral centers for bacterial and viral diseases in Tamil Nadu.
Research is on at the King Institute to test out Nilavembu kudineer. The primary results of the research shows that it is the highly effective antipyretic and antiviral drug. The Govt. of Tamil Nadu decided to take patent for this special classical siddha medicine, for its curative action in Dengue fever.
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