14 September 2018

KASTHOORI KARUPPU - For Respiratory Problems


Karuppu is a category of medicine among 32 types of internal medicine in siddha system. This category derives its name from the black colour of the final product. Sulphur and mercury are present in the recipe in some form or other and are the major contribution to the black colour in the combination. The commonly used Karuppu variety of medicine in siddha are Sivanar amritha, kasthoori karuppu, Thalaka Karuppu and Pattu karuppu.

Kasthoori karuppu is a Herbo-mineral combination drug in the form of very fine powder.

The ingredients of Kasthoori Karuppu are :

Musk (Kasthuri)(Moschus moschiferous) 
Borneol (Pachchai Karpuram)(Cinnamomum camphora)
Bezoar (Gorochanai)(Bos indious)
Saffron (Kumkumapoo)(Crocus sativus)
Purified Mercury(Rasam)
Purified Sulfur(Gandhakam)
Purified Cinnabar(Lingam)(Mercuric Sulphide Natural
Purified Calomel(Pooram)(Mercurous Chloride)
Purified Artificial Mercuric Sulfide (Rasa Chenduram)
Purified Yellow Orpiment (Thalakam/Aritharam)(Arsenic trisulphide)
Purified Red Orpiment (Manosilai)(Arsenic disulphide)
Long pepper(Thippili)(Piper longum)
and Ajowan (Omam)(Trachyspermum ammi)

The preparation method of this drug is explained in siddha text, Siddha vaidya thirattu. The usual dose of Kasthoori karuppu is 50-100mg and is given with adjuvants like honey, ginger juice or breast milk twice daily after food. This will cure fever, bronchitis, bronchial spasm, sore throat, cold etc. this will stimulate respiratory centers and enhances respiration. It is also very effective in neuralgic and nervous disorders such as arthritis and rheumatism. While taking this medicine one should observe strict diet restrictions. Patient should avoid tamarind, sour diet, alcohol, bitter gourd, non-vegetarian foods and tobacco. According to the condition of the patient this medicine can be co-prescribed with Thippili rasayanam, Thoothuvalai ney, Adathodai ney, Pavizha parpam, Thaleesadi churnam, Thalaka karuppu, Sivanar Amritham etc.

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