12 October 2015

Book Review External Therapies of Siddha Medicine

External Therapies of Siddha Medicines

This book is a comprehensive guide for external therapies in siddha system of medicine written by Dr.T.Thirunarayanan and Dr.R.Sudha. It is published by center for traditional medicine and research (CTMR), Chennai, with the financial support of Dept. of AYUSH, Govt.of India.

The book contains following topics
1. significance of external therapies
2. Topical Applications
3. Heat Therapy
4. Ophthalmic Application
5. Nasal Application
6. Medicated Water and Douch
7. Surgical Procedures
8. Bone Setting
9. Blood Letting
10.Physical Therapies
11. External Therapies for prevention of Disease and Promotion of Health.

While saying about the authors the CTMR is an unavoidable thing. Dr.T.Thirunarayanan is the present secretary of the organisation. Center for Traditional Medicine and Research (CTMR) is a 'not for profit organiszation' operational since 2000 with the objectives of mainstreaming traditional medicine in the area of public health, creation of awareness, capacity building by way of training, developing cost effective traditional medicine with natural resources and promotion of research in traditional medicine including cultivation and conservation of medicinal plants. The NGO works closely with different govt. departments, other institutions and organisations for the above cause. CTMR also runs a charitable siddha clinic for the urban slums particularly in costal regions of Tamilnadu.


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