03 May 2019


Ring worm is the common name used for the fungal infection of the skin caused by fungus, Tinea corporis. This type of skin lesions are asymmetrically distributed and are of various size. It may occur in any part of the body. There will be intense itching in night hours. The skin lesions may be reddish (Erythematous) with central clear area and with definite border, which is always vesicular in nature.


The first thing to remember is to avoid soap. The affected part should keep dry. Change the under garments frequently. Use loose cotton dress.



 There are several effective siddha medicines for this disease.
  1.  Tab. Parangipattai
  2. Cap. Rasagandhi Mezhugu
  3. Cap. Neeradimuthu Vallathi
  4. Parangipattai Kudineer
  5. Arugan Katai Kudineer
  6. Parangipattai churnam
  7. Gandhaka Rasayanam
  8. Parangi Rasayanam
  9. Gandhaka Parpam
  10. Parangipattai Pathangam

Parangipattai Churnam
Punga Thylam
Parangi Rasayanam

These medicines can be used for the treatment with the advice of a siddha medical practitioner.

External Application

  1. Seemai Agathi Kalimbu
  2. Punga Thylam

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